All of you who love dogs and puppies, who still have that sense of wonder with every new pup being born, being saved. Here, six of them.
A rescue, you may ask, celebrating the birth of even more pups adding to dogs that need homes? Absurd?
Yes, we realize, mama dog should have been fixed long ago. But they did not want her to be be fixed, not even at no costs to them, and they did not provide any food, or shelter. Nothing. Last month, when it was so cold, her place to settle at night was under some thick bushes where she curled up underneath. The cold, and the starvation, it made her sick and emaciated, she looked like a dying dog. While hiding new life inside her. This is when they gave her up. We took her, another sick dog. At first, we too did not know she was pregnant, with a belly extended with water due to malnutrition. Terminating a pregnancy of a dog in such bad shape was risky, terminating a pregnancy so far advanced with the chances of a mom not surviving the procedure unacceptable for most of our volunteers. So there was only one alternative: Love her, keep her warm and feed her as much as possible over the next few weeks, and see what happens. Yesterday then, it happened: Six beautiful, healthy, plump little puppies, born without any complications, mom doing well. Four boys, two girls! Please send in name ideas! And please, join us for the baby shower at Canada Helps. No toys, no clothing, just $5 to help pay their bills until adopted! And with it, send your love and your good wishes, to mama too. Thank you.