Barney also brother to a few more on our website. Unwanted, not cared for, hungry, cold and full of worms as his siblings were also. How we can look away from these eyes or any and go buy a dog from a person not a rescue is beyond us. We create this problem of so many currently in all rescues. By not education, looking the other way and being a society that wants what they want. All very sad for the ones not asked to be born then neglected and tossed aside for a ‘purebred’.
Barney is Smart as a whip , good at going potty outside and sleeps quiet at night . Very food motivated and working on leash walking. We prepare our dogs as best as we can by putting them in a living foster home. In Barney’s case he is with other dogs of different ages and sizes, as well as children to love and cuddly them, also teaching them to interact with all ages and sizes of people. Barney is a 13 week old mix if wonderful. He is predicted to be medium size once grown. He is perfect in so many ways but still a young pup who needs supervision, love, understanding and patience. If you have the time we have the pup…Barney (or any of our other dogs). Please apply to adopt on our website.