Oh, brother! This is an expression of frustration, and there are four of them! Four kittens, brothers, seven months old, and they do not look like little kittens any more. Sweetest guys. Where one goes, is the other. They play together, run together, eat together, sleep together, roughhouse together, do everything together. Even when one goes to the litter box, another is right in there too, feels has to go as well! And they love people, it is that together thing. Nothing is cuter to watch. So why are we frustrated? Definitely not with the kittens. For their happiness, we are trying to find them a home together, let two and two go together. For months, with no luck. People just do not understand how much mentally healthier and content cats are that are not kept alone. These are ordinary little tabby cats, one brother sticks out, looks Siamese. These kittens are bonded siblings, we will adopt them out in pairs. Or all four. But not one alone. We have been asked, begged, to let one kitten go by himself, and people assured us they would be the most wonderful home for just one. If the bond or friendship between two kittens means so little to them, we doubt that statement. Sending one away by himself, to us, it would feel like a betrayal. Because when it comes to adoptions, their feelings matter just as much as those of the humans. At times when their new family will be busy, they will have each other. And when it is playtime, it is double the fun. Please consider two, let brotherly love continue!