Which doggie got the best, the biggest, clearest most beautiful tattoo in the whole wide world? Answer, without a doubt: Lucky Buster! Because, it is good to have a tattoo. For themselves, people see tattoos these days as ‘in’, and for their cats and dogs, it simply is a safe ticket to home. A dog with tattoo, the owners are just a phone call away. One would think. Unfortunately though, Buster was no longer wanted, came to us through police services as a neglected, abandoned stray. It was – 37, there was not even a dog house. This is a while ago, and life has changed. There is food every day, there is real water, not just snow to lick, and when Buster stretches out at night, there is no fear the next morning he might be gone, frozen to death. There are walks with a person by his side, and the interaction with his dog pal in the foster home is always true play and friendly, no fights for food, for mates, for plain survival. Buster is a real pet now and loves every minute of it. Sure, there are little things to work on, like food to close to the edge of the counter, but for which dog would this not be a challenge, a dog who all his life had to look after himself? He is smart, he is quite well trained now, he loves people and other dogs, and he is affectionate. A retriever Shepherd x, we think, maybe 18 months old. Here to love someone for the next 14 years, and you would just have to put in an application.