Hello families! My name is Casa. I’m a male mixed breed puppy that will grow into a sweet larger dog, and I cant wait to have you as my family. I like to play with toys and go for walks. I’m nosy and like to check out the smells of everything. I’m currently in a foster home with 2 cats, teenage people and my brother. I am patient and kind and love to be cuddled. I am frequently visited by other large dogs for play time too. They taught me how to chase and retrieve a ball..when I want to. I like that. I sit, laydown, stop, stay, shake a paw, come and go outside when I am told and I know when I am told “No” to stop what I am doing. Right now I am chewing a lot but its because I am a puppy. Foster mom gives me bull tail to chew on. I like that too.
From the Foster Mom…Casa will do well in a home that can keep him busy with a job to do. He is very inquisitive but not in a destructive way. He will likely be a long hair dog so I have spent a lot of time getting him used to a brush(he isnt a fan) but is okay with it. I have also played with him touching his mouth, gums, teeth, ears, paws etc to ensure that come “vet visits” he doesnt panic at touch. He is halty trained..not collar trained, trained using basic hand or voice command and comes back when I whistle or kiss sound. Casa will be a gentle giant who will love you and listen to you.

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