Meadows. The sweetest cat, a young adult, may be 3 years old.Affectionate,tolerant with people and other cats, the super pet,and a good looker,too. If that matters.Another one of those abandoned in Okotoks,and an owner never came forward. We have him now since about a year, that dire is the situation of adopting out adult cats.Even [...]



Brenda. What to say? She was another stray in Okotoks, never claimed and when we got her she was early pregnant and is very sweet and young and beautiful. Her previous owner obviously did not deserve her.She loves to catch drops from the leaking faucet in the bathroom, loves to sit in boxes and would [...]



How best to describe Downey? A lover, a purring machine, a little talker, a cuddle bug, but most of all a sad, lonely and confused cat. When his people moved to a new home, the place supposed to be his was the backyard, and there were even plans to put up a shelter. How in [...]



Charlie was trapped by a volunteer just before a major snow storm occurred in a small town overrun by stray cats. He was one of the lucky ones. He was taken to the vet where they found two deep cuts on each forearms in the same location. How was this possible? It’s believed he was [...]


Ali and Cali

Imagine these two as kittens,the cutest things on earth! We pride ourselves that only the best pet parents will do, to get our cats into the most loving homes a cat, or two, could hope for. And yet, you never really know. And once they are no longer wanted, worlds fall apart. Their world, because [...]

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