Sadly we are overcapacity and can not take in anymore cats/kittens. Without fosters and adoptions we can not help. We suggest that you try larger rescues as they have facilities to house cats/kittens. We, as a society, need to help these animals. Please if you can keep the cat, please do so. Put out an [...]


Foster Needed

AGAIN?? HOW AND WHY DOES THIS STILL HAPPEN??? Have we not advanced pass this in society? Not realized the value of all, including animals? The story: (like so many) Mom was sneaking up onto a families porch to get food. She, in herself, small and frostbite ear. Obviously not cared for enough to even put [...]

Foster Needed2023-10-05T17:40:07-04:00


Kittens/cats and more kittens/cats. We have recently been called to a home that there is now an overflow of cats and kittens. The owner of the home has been trying to help them as best she can but just wasn’t able to fix them. They came from a wild momma and in just a short [...]


Bishop O’Byrne High School

A huge and special shout-out to the students of Bishop O'Byrne High School in Shawnessy and their construction teacher Scott Tkachuk for building these dog houses for us, to go to places most needed. Just look at this great bunch of young men and women! All of you, have a wonderful Christmas.

Bishop O’Byrne High School2021-12-23T12:52:17-05:00

We Need Your Help

Our youngest volunteer at work, socializing a kitten. We can always use the help. Right now we are currently putting out a plea for foster homes, this is one of the most needed things we require as a rescue. With out foster homes we can no longer take on new animals that need our care. [...]

We Need Your Help2019-07-03T13:34:25-04:00
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