Disco Jack came with a collar from someone’s home, from a family, from we hope someone who loved him. Then why did they not look for him? Why not ask around, phone places, ask people to look online lost and found pages, or call vets and rescues? We will never know. Maybe they felt he was lost for good? Maybe he has been missing for months and they gave up or maybe they just didn’t care enough? So many possibilities but the outcome is the same. Disco Jack is homeless, found up a tree in downtown area of Okotoks. No one to claim him, he is now fixed, tattooed and ready for his new home. His fosters describe him with such love and warmth. ‘He is so laid back and chilled’ ‘any family would be lucky to have him’ ‘he is a great little cat’. Disco Jack is in a foster with dogs and cats and he fits right in thinking this is a great life. He is estimated to be approximately 10 mths young male tabby. Is he the one for you? We hope so.