How best to describe Downey? A lover, a purring machine, a little talker, a cuddle bug, but most of all a sad, lonely and confused cat. When his people moved to a new home, the place supposed to be his was the backyard, and there were even plans to put up a shelter. How in the world would a cat understand this,understand were the yard ends,understand that this was the new home? He started wandering around, got lost, and his people stopped looking for him.Before he knew, and still trying to figure things out, this made him another stray cat in the streets of Okotoks.And before all the snow came down, we took him in, living under some steps on Downey Road was no solution.We do not know his age, may be six, or seven, an estimate. He is young at heart, and for him, life starts now.If you are looking for a sweet adult cat, take him home.Give him a day or two to realize where is love there is his home, and he will be yours, to be loved always.