When two cats meet it can go many ways. Well with these two it was mates for life. They love being with each other and playing all day. Frost who was found left to die in a snow bank after being hit by a car with frost bitten ears and tail and Koko the cutest kitten was just left by someone in bushes to find a new home at such a young age. They found each other now it’s time for them to find you. YOU that special someone that has more love in your heart than others for bonded cats. An understanding that a great life for these two would be a life together. Why pull them apart even if that meant faster adoption for them as separate? We just can’t. They both have been through so much and have so much to give to a new family. Please open your hearts and home to these two special guys. Frost is estimated to be just over a year and Koko is about 5 months old. Both males, both sweet, both loving in different ways. Make their summer and life special and please adopt them together.