This is Frost. He is the cat that was found in a snow bank on the side of the road after being hit by a car, left to die. Thank goodness someone saw him and took him to the local vet, Dr Merkley in Cardston. We received a call from the vet office asking if we could help this poor cat. We had no room, haven’t been able to take in cats but what could we do? A foster, already so full, said she would find a room where he could recover. That room was with their 15 yr old daughter. Frost stayed in her room barely even able to eat and only soft can food. He wouldn’t drink for over two months but since he was eating wet food he was getting the water he needed. Over the next two months Frost started to learn to trust humans but on his terms. He grew to love his young women foster and would cry for her when she left for school and would sit with her for hours while she does her homework or has friends come over. Over those two months his ears became hard and crispy, his end half of his tail was cold and hard. It took awhile but eventually part of both ears fell off and half his tail fell off. He is still quite small for a full grown cat, we believe he is about 18 mths young, but he is now healthy and loving life. He needs a quieter home as he will hide if he feels afraid. He loves to cuddle and loves to play. His favourite place is with the fosters daughter on her heated blanket with her by his side, he can sit with her for hours. If you have a home that would suit his lifestyle and have a huge heart please adopt Frost. He will change your life for the better.