Tabby cats make the most beautiful, smartest, most affectionate, funniest, healthiest, most adorable and most loyal pets a cat owner could want. Where there are tabby cats, there is happiness. Where there are a tabby cats, there are no mice. Children love them, old folks adore them, cats featured on postcards, on paintings are mostly tabbies. They simply are the best. Tabby cat owners are convinced, swear on this fact, we agree with them wholeheartedly, one hundred percent and those who do not have a tabby or two better remain silent because they just do not know. How could they? Another reason we agree with the tabby love is that currently, we have so many tabbies that need a home. Last week, we set out to pick up some dogs to have them fixed and return to their owners, together with the dogs, we returned with an armful of tabby cats. Sounds funny to some, but it was not. For two years, these cats had the worst lives, weren’t fed, no water, no shelter. The person to whom they all belonged had left long ago, her house was burned down, the cats fled under the next trailer. Survived last cold winter, and all the so very cold nights this winter. Eventually, the people who lived there said, no they were not their cats and gave them up. Catching them was easy, they ripped the food out of our hands, were in our truck before we were, to open more bags. Used to dogs. Sweet with people. Used to kids. Tabby cats. The best of the best. All now fixed, all ready for adoption. If you need a tabby or two to make your life complete, please send us an application. Just meet them. Limit two tabbies per adopter, but we are flexible. People with heart size XXL might be able to adopt three.