Gunther needs a home. Some of his story, and ours:
Why is it that people who volunteer in animal rescue often become sarcastic, bitter, disillusioned, suspicious even of those people who do show good will and eventually, burn out, drop out? Those who are engaged sacrifice more and more of their time at the cost of spending time with their own family, their own animals, cancel vacations until they are just too tired, too worn down and depressed to go on. Tired of those “pet owners” who make little effort to make things work, claim their pets are part of the family to be dumped a few month later. Some rescues and humane societies to keep their staff pay them generous salaries, at the expense of speaking out and making meaningful society changes, so not to offend anyone, they need the donations not just to pay vet bills but to keep their employees. Re-homing pet after pet, never changing, never ending. Showing proud numbers how many have been re-homed, yet forgetting to say that each one of them has been abandoned or was
unwanted, or once sold for profit or because spay/neuter was ignored. To them, rescue becomes a business while it should be an emergency, not an ongoing enterprise.
The other day, late at night, I got this email, very short, sic: “I adopted this puppy from you 5 month ago. I never hated a dog this bad. Is there a place I can surrender him?” How does one sleep with that? Another dog, adopted out in good faith, just a pup then, who needs help, again. Our screening could not foresee something like that. How awful. Barely 12 months old, he is a very loving dog, and good with children. Calm and well behaved in the house. Outside, it becomes a different matter. With little socialization, he pulls like a horse towards everything to explore, small dogs or cats or other animals we would not yet trust him. Not his fault. Needs a lot of training. Now, he became a real rescue, not just a stray dog. Not training one’s dog and then not getting help if needed, is the ultimate abuse. Now he needs a real human, one where the word humane derives from. Please help. Please rescue Gunther. Please give him a home. This is real rescue.

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