Jasper is one of those only too real stories of a breeder that is just breeding for money. We were told that he was born in a grain bin and was left in the grain bin each and every day of his short life. Never seen as a treasured pet, loyal friend, or even a companion. Just get the female pregnant let them do the work and the owner profit. And when someone in the household says it’s over they don’t want the hassle the remaining ones are discarded cheaper and to anyone who will take them. Luckily a women found out and was able to obtain this little one. She contacted us through a friend and we quickly arranged a drop off. Jasper was so unsure of dogs, and people. Crawling on his belly, peeing along the way so afraid. This is how I was introduced to him. He has now in only a short few days learned to trust and even enjoy being with humans. He loves kids, is curious but good with cats, and is learning how to be around other dogs. All going quite well. Jasper is a Border Collie and just turning 4 mths old. He is high energy but loves, loves cuddles. He will require an active forever home that enjoys outdoors and understands that off leash time is important each day running and exploring. Please only apply if you have the time and energy this little precious one will require. He is meant to be a friend, companion, and treasured pet to someone.