This is Jersey, 4 years old, and he needs a new home. One of the most unique and smartest cats we ever had. Very people orientated, so definitely not a barn cat, but at his new home, once settled in, he needs to be let in and out. A free spirit, a talker, a love bug, a playmate, an entertainer, accepting of dogs, a wonderful cat. Jersey’s story: Jersey used to be the community cat. Everyone loved him, everyone played with him, everyone put a little dish of food out for him and people in the grocery store grabbed some treats, not that they had a cat of their own, but just in case Jersey would come around. Life was good, like in the old days, were cats were still allowed to be cats. Then Jersey went missing. No sign of him, and of course there was that fear he might have met with a car. People searched. John and Rose B., having lived for years in that community, checked the page for impounded cats, and there he was, in a cage, safe and unhappy, waiting for his “real owner” to bring him home. This person never came. When ten days were over, the B.’s stepped in, bailed him out, not even their cat, brought him home. After endless different efforts, they realized it was impossible to keep Jersey in, and although he always came back home to them, neighbors started complaining. Yes, it might have happened he pooped in their yard, with all the tragedies in this world, who knows. Also, John and Rose have a son who has to use a wheelchair, and with the door opening wide for the chair to pass, this was another welcome occasion for Jersey to bolt through the door, patrol the neighborhood to sit in the sun or catch the occasional poor mouse before returning back home, a home he loved. For fear that the cat could get hit by a car, could end up impounded again with hefty fines, or could meet up with an unkind person, Jersey sadly was surrendered to us. An acreage home or a quiet neighborhood with a heart for cats would be ideal. The first 4 weeks for sure, Jersey would have to be kept in, no matter how much he would like to talk you out of it, as talking, he does! If you have a heart for cats, and the right setting, please consider Jersey.

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