She was lying by her house on the lawn, would not get up. Could not get up without tremendous pain. Her back leg was shot and shattered, and infection had set in. Also, she was pregnant. Her older pups were around, one limping towards us with a broken hind leg, another seeking protection under an old truck and screaming when we pulled her out, it was the front leg that was broken. This is were Jetta came from…. All this is 5 weeks ago,after 2 surgeries, one to fix the broken leg, bullet pieces still in place, the other, in this case sadly, to spay, Jetta is now up for adoption. Is allowed leash walks now, no wild playing yet. Doing excellent. She would love to play. Not even 2 years old.She loves people, is very affectionate, also very much used to other dogs. She is housetrained.Because of the cage rest, we could not bring her around many different situations yet, this will be up to her new owners. To show her a world of love. This is rescue. Please consider to adopt Jetta.