Dropped off in a box, their eyes just opening.This was at the end of October.They knew they could not find homes for them, with rescues and humane societies bursting with cats and kittens, Kijiji’s list long, for free and the worst home will do. So they bring them secretly, early in the morning, a closed box quietly placed at someone’s door.Someone known for loving cats. So so wrong. So heartless.Do not say: “At least,they took them somewhere.” Because there is no excuse to have an unfixed cat.

These kittens need homes. They will be adopted out in pairs, and mom goes together with one kitten. Like we always do, no exceptions. Because we do not compromise if it is about the happiness of these kittens. If you think you can help, would like to adopt, please put in an application. Thank you,from the bottom of our heart.