Lady Lynx

I was born to a great mom with a few siblings. We were cuddled, played with and we thought loved. Someone came and because I was so cute I was picked to be there forever pet, so I thought. As I grew the cuddles and love became less and less. I wasn’t spayed so I was let out and I started to wonder. But no one ever came looking for me and I didn’t know how to get back home because dogs had chased me in different directions. My forever people didn’t care enough about me, I had been fun and cute for a time but not worth looking for anymore. I had to find shelter fast because winter was coming and I had never felt so cold. I found a colony of other unwanted stray and feral cats. They led me to a women that tried to help us best she could. We found shelter under her porch and when she could afford it she gave us some food. I never experienced so much cold and hardship before. I still had memories or a warm loving home so I still wanted to trust people but most proved to be mean to stray cats. Couldn’t they tell I was nice and just wanted a warm loving home? I was then trapped in a cage, how afraid I was. A kind women talked to me gently but I still was afraid. I didn’t understand that it was a volunteer from Pound Rescue that only wanted to help me, make my life easier. I was taken to a vet and spayed, vaccinated and tattooed so I could always find my way home. Because I was so afraid the women thought I was a feral but I wasn’t really. When released back to my home base I felt better I had been well fed and given medication to make sure I was going to stay healthy. I soon showed my love and appreciate by purring and rubbing up against my care giver. That’s when they realized I was once owned. They tried to find my family but they weren’t able to because I wasn’t tattooed, and even though they advertised me as found no one came to get me. Now I am looking for a forever home that will love me and want me for the rest of my life. I might be shy at first for a day but I need to know you won’t shoo me away like so many did before. I love cuddles and love to be with you.

221, Mount Olimpus, Rheasilvia, Mars,
Solar System, Milky Way Galaxy
+1 (999) 999-99-99
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