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We are reaching out to you in hopes of finding a rescue for a 3 yr. old female German Shepherd mix named Luna who was surrendered to us earlier this year. She has been microchipped, spayed and is up to date with all of her vaccinations. We want her to be the best she can be, her previous owners have failed to provide her with the outlets she has needed (and the opportunity to do what she was bred to do).
CARS is a small foster home based rescue, we have found many wonderful homes for dogs and cats alike, but as we have come to learn Luna needs more than a family home. She needs a working or agility minded home that will challenge her mind, energy and a handler that knows how to tell her what is expected of her (she looks for that direction). After having her evaluated by Suzanne Tam (Metropawlitan Dog Training-specializing in working Shepherds), we feel a sport dog home or agility home is the only home where she would excel and be the best dog she can be. Suzanne feels that Luna possesses all of the traits of a working German Shepherd.
Luna is respectful in a home, great with children and fine with dogs her size after proper introductions. Luna is not good with smaller animals, including dogs, cats, rabbits and farm animals (prey drive), and will pull on a leash with someone who is inexperienced. Â She has energy to burn, is extremely clever, excited about having a job and is always looking for some type of direction from her handler. She is food motivated.
Every dog deserves a wonderful home, and Luna is no exception. We are hoping that by reaching out to the rescue community, we will find her a place that is better fit to take her on and help her find that wonderful Furever home.
We are in urgent need of getting her to a stable place as we do not have any foster homes that can handle/care for her. She now is currently being cared for at one of our vets in a very temporary base hoping to find placement for her. We would be willing in doing a transfer, new foster home or potential adopter.
If you are able to help Luna or know of someone that can, please contact Teresa McCleary (Chairperson) at or by phone at 403-816-0759.

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