Matt & Muriel

Matt and Muriel came from unusual circumstances. Believed to be siblings were separated as very young kittens to finally be reunited. Muriel was found at a dump site at 4 moths old trying to survive on whatever she could rummage in the dump, protected only by the same trash she fed on to keep her warm in the harsh Alberta winter weather.

Matt was left with only a bag of food and bowl of water as the owners moved and left him in the abandoned house. Only to be found by a concerned animal lover with no food or water left. Left to perish of thirst and starvation.

Once these two were found within days of each other in the same small community it was obvious that they were most likely from the same litter.
We would like these two to go together but would consider a home with another young under 2 yr old cat.

Matt is playful and loves to cuddle. He loves all the cats in his foster home and will be found cuddling up to many different cats and licking them. Matt is use to cats, children, and dogs.
Muriel is super sweet once she warms up to her people and environment. She plays shy but once the bustle of the day has settled down she loves to find you and cuddle. She will love to sleep with her humans as would Matt.
Matt and Muriel are approximately 6 months young. Looking for a forever home.

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