The good news is that she is fine now. Running, jumping, walking without a limp. The bad news is we could only help this one…
We got her in May. The small front porch outside was boarded off with plywood, transformed into a puppy cage from where she could not escape.There she was, poop everywhere,and from what it looked, this had been her enclosure for the last  months.No running around, no going for a walk,no bouncing on green grass or through the fields,no dog friends to play with, zero exercise. Five month old,and so skinny with a huge belly full of worms.The person who was supposed to be her human friend  was her prison guard.
Things changed, for this particular dog, for the better. It became apparent there were more pups on the way from more pregnant dogs the people owned, so that this pup was no longer interesting or wanted.Loved, she never was. ‘Take her,we do not want her here…’ We scooped her up.This is all we could do,where allowed to do.Glad we could,had an open foster home, but also so very frustrating and depressing at the same time.Will people never learn?
When we got her home and put her on the ground,that pup not being  more than a bag of bones and parasites,we noticed she could not walk properly.The first reaction from of one of our volunteers,still new to all this: “Oh my God, would it even be humane to keep her alive? This puppy must not live” She was walking kind of like a bear on her front paws,flipping them up to not drag them on her knuckles.A condition called  carpal hyperextension. In her case, and under supervision by her vet, it resolved by itself.With tireless physio by her foster mom, and time, and finally being allowed to walk and run. It is felt that this was brought on not by an injury or “born like this”,but extreme and prolonged confinement so her feet could not develop properly. Disturbing,but you have to know.We tell it how it is.
Maude is the sweetest pup, with wonderful personality, clean,good recall,now about close to a year old,a real mutt, and ready to bond with anyone who we hope is moved by her story, to give her that forever home. Your contribution to animal welfare,with love and compassion.While we continue to help the others,make a difference, consistently doing what we can,changing attitudes and ways to treat animals to help all,including people.We feel we must tell things how they are, because only then, change will come about,change for the better.
If you want to meet Maude, possibly adopt her, please put in an adoption application as a start. A start to a new life!