Please meet Misty. She is up for adoption

She is the sweetest dog, loving with all and everything and starved for human affection. But they did not want her to be that way. They wanted her to fight, to guard, to look mean and to be mean, and to turn out puppies. One litter after the other, each time she went into heat. Two months later, another litter. She fulfilled that requirement, but she was not mean. She just does not have it in her. Definitely not a guard dog. Then they moved away and left her behind. No food, should she find her own! We picked her up, skin and bones, walking somewhat stiff from malnutrition or always pregnant or nursing (a lack of calcium?), a little bit bow legged but hips okay, according to our vet. Only two years old, and because of her breed, we will be extremely careful where she goes. Because pitbulls are just dogs like any others, it is their owners we fear. Emotionally insecure, need a dog to handle and impress with, the manly man syndrome, a protector to guard the girlfriend while out of the home? Forget it. In her foster home she lives with other dogs big and small, a cat, and a little girl, and is excellent with all. Clean in the house, in the car, she sits in the back seat looking out of the window or just rolls up and sleeps. Like a pro. We are looking for a family for her who loves the breed, preferably had a pitbull before, can deal with the prejudice these poor dogs face, and makes Misty an ambassador for all rescued dogs, especially the pitbulls and their crossbreeds. Because these are the ones that fill the shelters, and often, they are given just one chance. If they are lucky, that is. Will the right owner please come forward and not fear a thousand questions including home check, for Misty’s sake, and all those dogs who wait in shelters? For the door to be opened, but mostly not to the outside. And yes, I apologize again that this write up is not an ad uplifting and funny, that makes you smile and makes your day. We are a rescue, and we must get the message out that having a dog is a huge responsibility towards these dogs, our society and yes, shelter workers whose hearts sink each time they take on a dog like Misty. Make us see the good in people! It has to, just has to work out for this dog.

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