This is Oliver, and this is the face of abandonment.
This is the expression of a cat who has lost his home and everything he must have loved. His owner did not think it necessary for him to be neutered so that he would not wander, or tattoo him so he could be traced back to them should need be, or look for him when he did not come home. No call to the nearest shelter, no ad searching for him. The cat is gone,oh well….
Like Oliver, thousands and thousands of cats end up in Canadian shelters, every year.And these animals suffer. Shelters pick up responsibility, and care, and costs. Most people have become used to this, to them, that’s the way it is. Animals go to shelters if owners seek new interests. We feel shelters should be for emergencies only, should not be part of a lifestyle. And we say so.
Being one of these shelters, we will never get used to this. The sadness in the eyes of these cats, how can one not see, or get used to it?
Likewise, we do not want you to get used to this either, get numb to the pain and loneliness society is causing these cats. If it is not for life, just someone’s idea of fun or cute to have a cat for a while, they should never have or get one.
Oliver is good with people, children, dogs and other cats and needs, this time around, a loving home for hopefully another 18 years or so.He is young, please teach him to be happy again.
Update Nov 19th: Oliver still needs a home.Although one person came forward to give him a home,her two female cats were not at all accepting of the newcomer, where only claws and wanted him out. Oliver again is devastated, and so are the new people who so much wanted to give him a loving home. So: Still waiting.

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