“Are we supposed to smile?” Being cheerful and upbeat, or pretending there is some benefit to the situation of so many abandoned cats, as of course for a potential adopter, there are just so many more to choose from, seems odd to us.Yet,this is what most adopters or people who come to our web or facebook page, want, want things heartwarming and cute, do not want to hear what these animals might have been through or had to endure.So we do not tell them. And deep down and alone, we wonder if, for the animals, things will ever change. Papa,on the right in the picture,and his daughter, about 1 1/2 and 2 1/2 years old.Have always been together.Papa,and Papa’s Girl. They walk down the street together, greet the neighbors, together, sleep arm in arm in their chair at night, together.They are,without exaggeration,most likely one of the sweetest pair we ever had. Come running when you call, or if they hear your car, driving in. Papa, it has proven impossible to lock him up, keep him in the yard with the other cats.Like a parrot,or monkey,he negotiates any fence,any tree branch,upside down, swinging until he can reach the next branch,and out he is.What all the other cats would not even think of, Papa knows what he, as a cat, is able to do.He loves being out but 20min later,he sits by the gate again,meowing: Let me in, my little girl is waiting! For Papa and Papa’s Girl,we imagine a safe acreage home,where their main place of living is indoors together with their people. but where they are allowed go out in the daytime to be called in again when it is cold, or not safe, or at night.No harnesses or leashes for sure.They both are extremely people oriented cats (real cats, not fur babies!) who, as cats,have kept their sense of freedom. After all,this is why we all love cats so much: No matter how close we are to them, they to us, they connect us to the wild, to that mysterious world of the Animal Kingdom.These two for sure do.