Pebbles is now up for adoption. Just over a year old, she has the sweet personality people combine with calicos. Affectionate, loving, quite tolerant to new surroundings. Pebbles, at her young age, had obviously a litter of kittens already. What happened to them, we can only guess. Given away, perished, became feral to continue the cycle of misery. Unlikely Pebbles old people would even have known what a responsible or loving home comprises. Pebbles became lost, was dumped or abandoned, we do not know. Fact is they did not bother to com forward, to look for her, anywhere around. For this, there is no excuse. Now she is fixed, tattooed, had her shots and is dewormed, just in case. Cats cannot choose their people, we have to choose for them, and, like always, only the best will do. Pebbles doe snot care whether her new home will be a mansion or a basement suite, will be a farm or a city dwelling. A home where she is loved and wanted, has food and shelter and is cared for should she ever become sick. Someone who know that cats are a responsibility for many years to come, someone with a heart for felines. Adoption fee as always will be $100, a fraction of what we have to pay for each abandoned cat. Please consider Pebbles.

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