Pete just emulates happiness. He is estimated to be one year young. He is full of loves and happiness. He is truly a joy to have around and be around. He loves other dogs, loves people (specially males), he is good with cats, and is fully house trained. His foster home fell in love with him within the first day reports back were always how great he is, how loving he is, how much he loves their son, how cuddly he is …. You get the drift …. An excellent dog to have. He is a real mutt, not sure what his breeds are other then all the best there is to offer kind of breed. He came to us through a pound. Was picked up wandering yet no one know who he belonged to and no one came forward for him, so now we have will be able to make someone or some family very happy to own such a wonderful dog. Oh he loves to devour stuffies. Only stuffies….furniture and pillows and not his taste…..only stuffies.