Can animals reason? No, at least not like us humans. But they can feel. Joy. And Happiness. And sadness and loneliness and pain and rejection and fear. Their friendships are forever, their affection always real. Humans can reason, and with this comes the ability to pull a thousand excuses why the cat has to go. Fur baby, beloved pet, faithful companion, toy for the kids, mouser, whatever they were to them, when we humans change our superior minds and do not need or want them any more, people phone the rescue and tell them to take them over, do their job and find them a new home. And we, the rescues, are supposed to jump to the service and work the miracles, and if we can’t, well then at least we are supposed to be silent, shut up, do not speak out, and for sure don’t judge. Do not rock the boat. This morning alone 3 different callers for us to take over 7 cats, and a dog. And if we despair, burn out, if we only tell the truth, say how bad things really are, we are in the wrong “business”, we do not have what it takes to rescue animals, we just make everyone uncomfortable. For real change, people might have to reevaluate the way we see all animals, in brief, society just does not want to know.

This cat, so nice, so beautiful, still young, did we just find her? No, we did not find her, there is no desperate owner whom in spite of all efforts we just could not locate, no one died, or all of a sudden became desperately allergic, or fell ill so they were unable to care for this cat. The owners are moving and picked a place that did not allow for cats. Their reason. That simple. If you can help, please contact us.