This is Poppy, an about 7 months old Shepherd cross, a mutt. Just the sweetest dog. Her story we do not know. Dogs cannot talk. We guess she was someone’s pet, as she is comfortable in the house, her now foster home. We guess she was in a house as she knows things, as what a vacuum cleaner sounds like, and she is house trained. We guess that she had contact with other pets, as she is good around cats and dogs. We guess there were kids in the house, as she is comfortable with kids. We guess that someone used to walk her, as she knows to walk on a leash. We do not know why they abandoned her, why she ended up in the local pound, one of the first places a person would look if a dog goes missing. But they did not. And they did not spay her. Or put an ID to her collar. Why someone would not want this dog any more, is a mystery to us. Why not at least take her to a shelter, instead of abandoning to the streets? Maybe the answer is very simple: They just did not deserve her.