“This is a cage! Let me out of here! Take me home! Adopt me!” Her name is “Pup”, like in puppy. She is a sister to Barnie, Ramona and Daisy. Twelve weeks old, loves to play, to chew, to eat and to sleep. Like any puppy. Also loves to wrestle with her big brother in her foster home. Or run through the snow. Or steal shoes, and have a secret selection of them under the sofa. She is like any puppy, or maybe even better: Because well on her way to house training, and she knows the meaning of ‘such a good puppy’. She also knows the meaning of  ‘no’,  she looks at you, tilts her head a little bit, her face gets that expression as if she is laughing, she grabs anything she gets a hold of, and gone she is!
Description in 3 words: Cute,fun,lovable.
Pup, like her siblings, will grow medium size.