If we ask potential adopters what they want most in a dog, we do not get low shedding, or sweet looking, or trained in any way, they say we want a dog who is smart. Intelligent. And we think to ourselves that hopefully the new owner has a really high IQ as well, because otherwise the genie is out of the bottle. Rick is such a dog. First, he is smart. He notices any hole in the fence before you have seen it, he can negotiate door handles if you are on the other side and he wants to be with you, he reads your mind before you have finished your thought. He loves people, he loves other dogs. Cats, not so much. He loves kids. He has a great sense of humor, likes to party and likes to be where the action is, being left alone is not his thing. He loves our off leash dog park and everyone who goes there, visits with everyone and says hello, does his fifth round while his foster dad is still panting on his first, knowing perfectly well daddy needs the exercise! He is affectionate and loving yet his looks command respect. Up to no good? He would know. He is about 2 to 3 years old, a shepherd x. He had his share of unhappiness and left it behind. Smart guy!