Have you ever met a funny dog? One that would make you smile each day? With such a fun personality that all who would meet him would be laughing within no time at all because he’s just a fun loving, funny dog? If that sound great to you then you just have to come meet Al (Also called by his middle name Rick). Not only is he a funny 2 1/2 yr old Shepard cross dog, he is one of the smartest dogs we have seen. Because he is so smart he can get most doors opened if he knows you are behind it, great dog to play hide and seek with, he will find you. He is also so smart he prefers an active owner and if you like to walk slower then him, he loves to see how many times he can run around the off leash park before you make one round. His recall is great and he is also great on the leash. He loves other dogs and loves to play with them. Cats are seen as a toy so no cats please.
So if fun, smart, and just an all round nice dog to be around is what you are looking for Al just might make your life changer. Give Al a chance to be your everything.