Shelby came to us with these deep cuts almost to the bone and lost skin and flesh. She was the victim of a leg hold trap or snare. Inhumane and so very painful to any animal that falls victim,targeted or accidentally cought, as Shelby in this case. Shelby was abandoned for a few years we were told and she fended for herself learning the ways of the streets in her small community. Some took pity on her and fed her sometimes but no one had earned her trust back enough after being abandoned. We are now building that trust and she is learning to trust again. An 8 year old lab cross, gentle, sweet, a bit timid of new things. Her eyes clouding, pannus it is called, she will need eye drops for the rest of her life. You are safe now we tell her as we clean and tend to her wounds , building a friendship and love. Yes, it is a great feeling to be able to help. (Just join us and see). Will she ever be a healthy dog? Maybe and maybe not. The wounds will heal, yet the eye drops are not a cure, they just
prevent her from going blind. And no, there is no guaranties. People sometimes tell us they do not wish to adopt a dog with problems, health or otherwise. We understand this, do not worry. So what type of people are we looking for then, and in her case? The answer is simple. Those who say: I love animals, I want to help those that need me as much as I need them in my life.