Through the eyes of a mother.
I remember my own mom, the love she gave me, how good it felt. The only love I received. Ever. Our humans did not provide us with much, food sometimes, no shelter.
I was so very young when other humans took me away from my mom, too young. The children at the new place played with me, and they carried me around like a stuffed toy and they gave me hugs sometimes, but the grown-ups did not care. I was not allowed to be with them
inside, even in the bitter cold, and I was just a puppy, and there were no other dogs to play with or protect me or teach me anything, so I just ran away and found some dogs to be with. The people at that next house didn’t care for or about me either, we were so many. The other dogs liked me, so I stayed. I grew into a big, beautiful dog. We were protection to each other and in the winter kept each other warm. There was food once in a while, but we had to go out and find our own, most of the time just garbage. I became pregnant and for some reason the human seemed pleased, yet I still wasn’t loved or fed or treated special because of it. In a cold winter night, I had four very sweet puppies, and I loved them very much.
I tried to keep them all warm and healthy and nurse them, all, but one of my babies, in spite of all my efforts to keep her, she died. Gone, she was still with us for a precious while but eventually my human noticed and I saw him toss her into the bushes and I did not go there any more. I was so sad but I had to live on. My other babies needed me. I had to keep them safe.
I wanted them to know how it feels to be loved by their mother. For us out here, often, this is the very only true love we ever experience, to remember and draw from for always, for a lifetime to come. The love of a mom, not possible to be replaced, something no one can take away, unless they tear us apart. Little did I know.
I was just nursing my pups again and licked them and cleaned them when a human I never saw before came to our place, grabbed one of my babies, ripped him off me and by the scruff of the neck carried him to his car and drove away. My human was looking on. I did not understand. I panicked. I went looking for my pup. I could smell him, in the distance I could hear his faint cries for me. It took a while but I found him, all
by himself stuck on a porch boarded up and high above the ground. I found a way onto that porch. It was difficult, it was like something most humans would watch only in movies or TV and then call us heroes, or super dogs. Like Lassie, they would have said! I am not a hero or a super dog. I am a mama dog. I climbed. I jumped. I grabbed my pup and brought him back home, all the way. We made it! Not a movie stunt, but real life, real love. The courage and determination and love and affection of a desperate mom. I was happy we were all together again, but not so my human. Nothing seemed to move him. She gets difficult, he said. Too difficult.
Little did I realize my happiness was only short lived. A few days later
some women showed up, I had seen them before, the ones that bring dog food and ask if someone needs help. My human had contacted them, that he did not want or need me anymore, they should take me away. He said I was not really, really his dog, was just a stray. I was scared. What about my pups? What had I done so wrong? I saw sadness in these women’s eyes. They must have read my mind. ”It’s okay”, they said and petted me. “You did nothing wrong. Not you.” They forced me into a crate, I was terrified. My pups pawed at the door. The women asked and pleaded for at least one pup to take with me, so I wouldn’t be that unhappy or so alone, but my human said no. He did not care. All he cared about was selling my pups, making money of my babies, as if they were some merchandise. For as much or as little as people would pay him. My little girl he was going to keep, so to keep on having more pups to sell. I try not to think of her, it gives me nightmares.
When will humans understand? What will it take? What gives them the right? On the way to my foster home, I just curled up, I did not make a sound. I closed my eyes. I wanted to die, right then and there.
When the van stopped, I was greeted by dogs who all had experienced some of my pain, and some even worse. Yet, they seemed okay, really happy where they were. As for me, I just hope that things will change, that my pups will have a good life. All pups. My human here says this is what they are working on, that change will come, everywhere. For me and all the others. Rescue, they say. Do not sell. Do not buy. For the sake of all of us dogs, and for the sake of all humans, and your sake, you who just read this, please rescue me.

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