Like so many of our dogs, Toby’s life so far was not all good, in fact, his first year when other dogs enjoy their puppy hood and are loved and played with, learn about life, learn how to be “good dogs” and socialize with people and other pups, while all this should have happened, Toby was sitting in a cage. A few steps back and forth, peeping through the wire, watching life pass by. Month after month food and water kept him alive, but not living. If he was ever out of that small dog run, we do not know, except for that one time he was out. He might have escaped, but happiness was but short lived. We assume he chased a car, his leg somehow got under the tire, both bones badly broken. He made it home, to be dragged back into the dog run, and there he was. No vet visit, his shattered leg not given any attention. One leg broken, well, three more left! Unreal. Just imagine, your dog was to be outside with a badly broken leg while you would sit in the house watching TV! Finally the neighbours complained. Toby was taken away, placed with us, we took him on, and all the costs to make him well again. After two operations and a long healing period, he now walks without a limp! And wow, has he ever caught up with what he missed for so long! He now is well socialized with other dogs, although he might still lunge and act threatening while on a leash, but give him time, continue working on it. In his foster home, he lives with two cats, they learned to put up with him, not every cat will. Small children, may be better not. For love and affection, and Toby wants lots of it, he sometimes nibbles your arm, or hand, something a kid might not understand. For Toby, we feel a family with no or older children, teens, would be ideal, real dog lovers who want to rescue, who realize that yes all our rescues do have a past that cannot be simply erased or wished away, needs to be dealt with by love, consistency and training. These are our special dogs, victims,those who need special people, heroes.

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