Tucker is still new to us, and so far, we got to know him as a wonderful, sweet, gentle dog. Loves to be cuddled,loves to be petted Good with kids, cats, and other dogs.The bite marks all over his body? Well, put five or more hungry and starving dogs all in one place and throw them a handful of table scrubs and watch what happens. Or have several unfixed males together with a female in heat, and see them fight over her. Do not blame the dogs, and Tucker for sure was not the instigator, but at the receiving end. He had a very difficult, deprived life, when we got him we thought his leg was broken but turned out not, was another soft tissue injury. Still working on being on leash as the neck wounds are still healing, so it is difficult to even put a collar around him without causing pain.Holding up objects like a cellphone to take photographs scare him. Again, these pictures, but never any veterinary care, proof he was no one’s beloved dog, yet, and we can say this with confidence, he must have longed all his life to be just that. About 3 years old, pittbull mix.
Looking at Tucker right now ,yes,it is so depressing.This is man made misery in form of a dog.This concerns us all, nobody is allowed to look the other way.Too many dogs, no food, no shelter, no care,and absolutely nobody who gave a darn, till we spotted him.
If you think you can give Tucker a home, please put in an application. If Tucker could not be your dog, may be you can help him anyway, make a donation in his name via Canada Helps.Our vet bills for most dogs are huge,our adoption fee of 250 does not even cover spay/neuter fees and shots.Helping these dogs depends on donations we receive…..

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