Victor came from an area we call “underprivileged”: low or no income, no employment, little education, and all that goes with it. There were lots of dogs and cats. We offered free spay/neuter for all, but failed to convince. Pups and kittens are toys for the kids, gives them something to be occupied with. The dogs live outside year round and are free to roam.

One day, Victor disappeared, and did not come back for about a week. And when he finally did come back to what for him was home, he collapsed. A huge wound in his upper leg, the bone shattered, most likely a gunshot injury. Victor was dragging the leg, gangrene had set in. He yelped in pain whenever he fell on it. His body was emaciated and weak. We got the phone call to pick him up, and we are most grateful they called. It was a grim ride back to Okotoks. The smell of rotting flesh was so overpowering, we had to keep the windows down. Still, Victor seemed calm and content. He laid across our laps on the back seat, licking our hands. It was clear there was no hope for this leg, but hope for life.

Victor’s leg needed to be amputated, and he is now learning to walk on three legs. He is also learning house rules, and that for the first time in his life, he doesn’t have to worry and fight for his food, and that he is safe now.

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