Hi, I’m Yoshi, a sweet boy that’s about 8 months old. I’m the perfect combination of puppy, playful and calm. My foster parents named me Yoshi, but not because of my Nintendo skills. My name means good luck and respectable which describes me to a ‘T’. I’m quiet, curious by nature and love toys. I’m pretty chill and warmed up to my foster sister (age 7) first and foremost. I’m really starting to love pink things.

Right now, I’m nursing a broken leg which I came with to Pound Rescue, but you would never know it. I’m a pretty resilient puppy. I still have to be caged or on bedrest for the next 4 weeks and after that I have to take it slowly as my leg has a pin in it, but eventually I will run and play again as if this encounter with that car never happened! I’m a little timid around men but am liking my foster dad’s high pitched voice, treats and the taste of his hands.

I’m waiting for my forever home who will help me come out of my shelf.