Imagine these two as kittens,the cutest things on earth!
We pride ourselves that only the best pet parents will do, to get our cats into the most loving homes a cat, or two, could hope for. And yet, you never really know. And once they are no longer wanted, worlds fall apart. Their world, because they are homeless again, our world, because we feel we had let them down back then, missed the red flags. Moving. And it is not that they cannot take them along, it is that they do not want to take them along. 14 years old, and no longer wanted. Just imagine. Adios, goodbye, farewell. Time to move on sweeties, and it will be without you…A cat would walk miles, risk her life to get back home, to be with their human. The human simply contacts the rescue. ‘Sorry, moving, its been a while but they have to come back to you. So grateful we will not have to euthanize them, as it would break our hearts, and…” Enough.
Here they are, Ali and Cali. Ali a little bit more reserved, Cali really outgoing and loving. Getting up in age, but very healthy, had never been sick. And wanting to live. Like all of us…
For our senior cats, we ask for a donation. Respecting life, saving lives.