Asher, neglected, ignored, never loved. Bought for someone who never wanted a dog so was left out in a garage and outside all his life, alone. His only friends were cats. This to us is cruelty. For five years no one really even touched him, never showed him the affection he definitely deserved. This is true rescue, he needs a quiet home with only a few people who would understand his situation and really wants to help him. Not someone who think ‘a small dog, just what I’ve been looking for’. Asher is not a dog for someone who wants a dog for themselves but wants to truly help and show Asher that people can be trusted and even be shown great love. Asher came with very inflamed infected ears and although he is housetrained he can mark. He is fixed so we are hoping that may help with the marking. He is hand shy but loves to sleep with you in your bed. He is afraid of big dogs but seems fine with smaller dogs. Your heart will truly break when you meet him. He is very sweet and wants love just doesn’t understand it yet. He is not aggressive like many chihuahuas can be. He just needs a chance, needs that one person to live the rest of his life with. Please adopt Asher so he can start his journey of love and trust. Asher is a is chihuahua/dachshund cross and is 5 yrs old.