Leaving behind children, or pets, is the very most difficult thing when we have to leave this life to move on, and most likely these two cats were on her mind when the time came. Yes, there were relatives living in the same house, but did they understand or realize how very important the welfare of these cats were to her? How important to most of us is knowing that if we cannot care any more,someone who loves us will take over? Some people say that those who pass become guardian angels, and watch from above…We got the call to pick up the cats, that they were a nuisance and too much work, and that there was hardly any cat food left, and also that the litterbox started to smell….What to say? We packed them up,they now are in a foster home, not a real home.Seven years old,the sweetest, most adorable pair, Dora and Daisy. Cats understand.Understand loss,feel grief, feel love given to them when all seems hopeless. Perfect,well behaved affectionate cats, used to dogs,to children,to other cats and accepting them all. We hope that maybe someone who himself experienced loss,or grief, and recovered, might want to cherish them and give them a home, just for that. Give back for what you are grateful for. If you believe in something more than pets are just pets, to just come and go, these we believe will come with a loving guardian angel to all of those who help them.

Dora – darker tabby
Daisy – white on chin.