Meet Dottie and Pookie.
Dottie is a 13 year old black Pomeranian mix. Small, very well behaved and super friendly. Loves everything and everyone. Still has zoomies and loves to play. Fluffy when outgrowing her summer outfit and so cute.A bit plump, yes, needs some weight management (like most of us) but a very active senior(!), and so happy.

Pookie is a Shih’tzu cross and is a little quieter than her sister,a little bit more shy. She’s a very spry 10 year old. Very active and loves to cuddle and give kisses, lots. Extremely affectionate, both of them.

Both are great on the leash and listen well.Good with other animals. Very well behaved in the house and love to curl up together on the dog bed. They are a bonded pair of dogs, have spend their life together and love each other. Together they have a lot of love to give. Happy years ahead of them. This is real rescue, and adopting two bonded pups, already older, is for real dog lovers only.