Gus, 18 month old, a German Shepard cross and all excited to find his new, forever home.

We had him now for several weeks, and he has learned so much. And what a smart boy he is! The first time we clipped the leash on, he threw himself to the ground like a two year old with a temper tantrum, jumped into the air back legs then front legs out like a horsie, grabbed the leash to chew it off. Now, he loves the leash, it means going for a walk! At night, he comes to your bed as if to check on you, gives you a kiss, lays down again. Good with other dogs, avoids the cats. No thank you, not these. He is not a barker, when in the yard, he plays with his toys, then lies on the deck, passing people or dogs do not bother him, but he wants to play and greet them when out for a walk. A ‘no’ mostly is enough.
This is what his foster home says:”Gus is the definition of a gentle giant. He has a great demeanor and loves to be active. He is good with people of all ages including children. He could use some obedience training but is overall a great dog. He is not aggressive and loves attention.” If interested in Gus, please fill out an application.