Having spent the beginning of her short life without much human touch she wasn’t the most snuggliest puppy but now she seeks out love and attention and whole heartedly enjoys it.

She’s a bit timid/shy when she meets strangers but comes around pretty easily. She isn’t too excitable, very gentle and sweet.
Over the last couple weeks her one ear has popped up and it is impossible to look at her and not fall in love with her – we are patiently waiting to see if the other one follows suit.

She loves playing with the other two fosters she shares a home with but also has no problem laying down and catching some rest while the other two play (and sometimes the house Chihuahua will even climb on her for a snuggle and a nap too).

Jelly is now around 4 months old and is looking for her forever home. Please consider putting in an application and make sure Lucy knows nothing but love and kindness for the rest of her life, and does not have to remember what came before.