Kara. Just turned a year, 5 days ago, and so many people have failed her already. A Shepard cross. Scared. New people scare her, as she does not know what to expect. Good with other dogs, as at her home, there were too many.Too many to deal with the dogs on a one to one base, too many to feed, too many to train or fix. And now that covid was over, there were no buyers to buy the dogs to get in some cash. So of no use, she had to go, off to a shelter. We, because of lack of foster homes, are boarding her now in boarding kennel,where she will not have the conditions a dog needs to thrive, to turn into a trusting, loving pet. This is only a very temporary solution, to not euthanize her. For now, as she wants to live. She needs a foster home (or home?) soon, no kids, dog experienced, willing to work with her, willing to rescue a dog.This is not cuddle time, this is serious….