Marvin is sturdy and brave. He is very curious and loves watching everything you do. He loves to be around his people, enjoys being at your feet while you are cooking or watching TV. House training has been going extremely well as he is learning when to ask to go outside, and knows exactly what to do when he is on the grass. He loves cuddling up to his sister or resident foster siblings for a nap or at bedtime. He will vocalize when he needs or wants something. Crinkle toys are his current favourite toy to wrestle with. He will definitely be a big boy to love. He has met the resident cat, but has shown little interest beside a few sniffs. Marvin loves a good wrestle with his siblings and is still learning to be gentle when playing. He is equal parts chill and spunk, the family that picks Marvin will need to be consistent and gentle in teaching him as he discovers the world. Born April 16, 2024.