This little one will steal your heart with one look. She is gentle and kind, reserved in her play at first till she figures it all out. She settles very easily. Matilda has had great success so far in house training. She is very gentle with hand feeding, as well with hands in her food dish. She loves to cuddle up beside you to fall asleep. She has enjoyed her car rides. She has done well with her two foster sibling dogs and has shown no interest in the resident cat yet. She loves all people of all ages. We can not say enough about her. As all puppies do, there is lots of exploring and discovering happening, with gentle correction she picks up quickly what is hers to chew or not hers. Even with her cautious character, Matilda is still a puppy and will need a gentle and patient family while she discovers more of the world each day. Born April 16th 2024.