Sasha came to us skin and bones. Her mouth was full of sores and cuts. Her back leg she favoured as it was weak and had a scare. She longed for someone to care, to notice, to take and love her. Lucky there was someone who contacted us. We knew she wouldn’t last long without being treated and brought back to health. She is estimated to be 6 yrs old and as you can clearly see a true beauty. She is just the best dog ever so we hope that someone kind and loving will see her not as too old but at that perfect age to fill your life with dedication, love, companionship and beauty. Sasha is wonderful with all people young and old, she is good with dogs and all animals even horses and cats. She is very loyal and will stay by your side and treat you like you are her life. If you are looking for the best dog ever this is her. Look no further. Apply for Sasha today.