Sid is a 7 month old mix breed pup. This boy will be medium size when he’s full grown. He has been raised by the same foster family since he was 9 weeks old. He came to our care with his mom and siblings on a cold January night. They all have been adopted out to amazing families since. Growing up with mom and sibling is very beneficial to a young dog, Sid has learned so much from them as well as his foster sisters. Much care, love and devotion goes to his psychological and physical development every day. Not many pups get to learn so much in their early stages of life. Sid is an uncomplicated pup. He has the right amount of energy to be a polite family member. He is house trained, very well mannered, sleeps thru the night, cuddly, loving boy. Not a barker unless there is a reason. He gets along with horses, dogs and cats. He runs free on the acreage and has a good recall. He also walks well on leash, still working on pulling. He is very respectful and smart.

Sid was seen by a vet specialist at the age of 5 months. Vet took X-rays revealed a mild subluxation on his right hip,which means that the joint isn’t tightly put together and there is a bit of space between the femur and the hip,as in mild dysplasia. – his left hip is normal given his age. His back legs are balanced and he is happy running and playing with others, just gets tired quicker and takes breaks as needed. To help with that, he takes an omega pill daily and cartrophen injections monthly, which we inject ourselves and they are cost effective. Another important fact about Sid is that he needs to be kept lean and get moderate exercise daily. He is currently in great body condition and that will help his growth.He is not a sick pup,just a little different in his needs.He is a normal playful pup. He will not be suitable to take long hikes or bike rides, but regular walks he loves, off leash parks, swimming he thinks is great. His life is full of joy, and he shares that joy with everyone he meets. Sid is a special pup in many ways, rescuing him is true rescue, giving a deserving pup that needs a wonderful loving person to help him have a great life. As a rescue we feel all should be known about our animals. This amazing boy deserves a loving family to call his own. He will make you smile and laugh, will cuddle on couch and love forever given the chance.