Teddy came to us as a street dog never knowing a true home. He was loved by many of the people on the street and soon learned how to get along with people and dogs. But this was no life for him or any dog. With winter coming he gladly jumped into a warm car to get some warmth and food. He now lives in a great foster home and this is what they had to say about Teddy:
This gorgeous guy is the most relaxed, mellow, sweet boy out there! He is so ready to take in every bit of love you have to give.
Being new to house living he is just beginning his life with his very own name and is just starting to learn some commands.
His foster kids (who he adores) decided the name Teddy was great for him because he is so gentle and can be a great cuddler. He also reminds us of a teddy bear from his nose right down to his paws.
He is currently living with an itty bitty 3.5lbs Chihuahua and though he can be a bit unaware of the little guy at his feet they do amazing sharing their home together whether it’s relax time, attention from the family time, or time for the pups to eat.