Theo is an almost two year old we believe Dane/lab make cross. He is calm, loveable, very well mannered dog in the home. Theo is always ready to jump into playing but will relax around the home. He is fully house trained and knows his basic commands.
He loves cuddling and belly rubs and is always ready to play. He absolutely loves his walks/being outside. He needs someone active to help him stretch his long legs and a yard with a tall fence, with these long legs he can jump pretty high as you can imagine.
When Theo is playing, he has lots of energy and loves to run. However with his energy he can get carried away and bit of a bull in a china shop. He will be great for an active person that loves the outdoors as much as he does.
Theo enjoys meeting other dogs and tries to play with everyone, dog and people alike. Again his energy can get him carried away and he might try to act like a bully to larger dogs who might get intimidated,not like his playful advances. He will need a strong leader to guide him.
Cats are not recommended as they are of interest and he will be right in their face.It is nice to see that he honestly things everyone loves him,but for some,he is just too big,so not fair to a cat. Theo absolutlety loves his family and will do anything he can to please them. In saying that, he might get defensive of other dogs entering his home, He will be happy as the one and only,and meet other dogs with experienced introduction only.