Timothy and Delia, where to begin! They are littermates 10 months old and are a package deal.  They each bring very different things to the table and their love for one another is undeniable.  Timothy and Dalia were rescued in early January, living under a mobile home, abandoned, Delia was in heat but just a baby herself.  Thankfully she was in to be spade the very next day.  She is such a sweetheart, loves to cuddle, her tail quivers with excitement when she you are approaching.  I’m not a boring ‘vanilla’ type of cat – I’m a bit of a mix:  a bit playful, a bit sleepy, a bit affectionate, and a bit independent. Shy at first but warms up quickly.  Timothy is much different.  He’s a curious cat with lots of investigating to do. Nothing gets past him! He makes his foster people laugh all the time, just the way he runs away with a cloth or pen or stuffed animal or or or…. he is a bit of a monkey in that regard!  Loves his glutes scratched, not much of a cuddler but a very loud purer.

For people who love cats, a bonded pair means twice the love and that outweighs any inconvenience.  If you are willing to adopt a bonded pair of cats, you may incur a bigger commitment of time and money, but you may also receive twice the joy.