Anyone that meets Ursa are taken back by her Beauty and her sweet personality. We can’t believe she hasn’t found that perfect home. A home where she can be with another YOUNG dog that will play and cuddle with her or better yet adopted out with her brother Baxter who after being separated as young pups they were picked up separately far apart and a month apart. What were the chances that after months apart they would end up in the same foster home. There was an instant connection and maybe even a memory or two that they remembered and they are now always together.
Ursa is now 9 mths old, we believe she is part Akita/part beautiful mix. She is slender and sleek looking with a beautiful curled fluffy tail. She weighs about 35-40 lbs. she is the perfect size and weight for many homes. She shouldn’t be with cats as she loves to chase them (she doesn’t attack them, but would make their lives not so fun). She loves other dogs and has received each new dog that comes to the fosters with a wagging tail and ready to play with them. She is good with kids and all people. She is a great dog yo have for the remainder of her life with lots of loves and cuddle to give.