Ursa is a 5 month old sweet female. We feel she must have Akita in her. She has had a start to life that must not have been great as she was hand shy and can still demonstrate this regardless of her great foster home now where she is shown unconditional love and lots of cuddles. She is currently with many dogs of all sizes and loves her foster pals Gold (who she was found with) and Finn. They also have other dogs in the home and Ursa loves to play and cuddle with many of them. Because of this we feel she would do best in a home with another dog or be adopted out with Finn or Gold who she loves. Ursa also is in a home with several cats and she just sees them as another animal to play with. No aggression has been demonstrated towards the cats but he can be a pest with them. She is ready to be loved and taught by the perfect home. Please put in an application if you fee you are her future.