Baxter and Ursa are still with us. We would love them to go together as they are quite bonded. No cats please. Baxter is now coming up to a year old. He is super sweet with all people and dogs. He is part elkhound and part wonderful dog. He is about 45-50 lbs. He is just so handsome pictures don’t show it with the brown and black fur.  Baxter will need basic training but knows sit and come. Recall is selective lol. He is super sweet to all and worth the extra work on leash training.

Ursa coming up to a year old and so ready to have a home with Baxter. We aren’t sure if they were siblings or not but they sure look alike. They came from two different areas a month apart but they are very similar. Ursa is an Elkhound cross with her curly bushy tail she is a beauty. She is the more feisty of the two but loves people and loves dogs. She is a cuddle bug as is Baxter. She will need leash training but can sit and come. She will win your heart and you will see why they should be together forever when you meet them